Let’s harness the “Newcastle Grit”


Eight are "BEHIND" Hunter Wildfires

We have seen throughout the global crisis that is Covid19, that the loss of sport (among many other worrying economic, social and health challenges) has impacted our community is ways that we could not have imagined even as recently as the last footy season.....

Newcastle Keeping The Doors Open

Newcastle is Open For Business 

Help support local businesses and organisations in "Keeping The Doors Open"

Staying Connected During COVID

Say Hello To Our Little Friends........

Partnership creates parity for Women’s Rugby

When Nadene heard that a local women’s rugby comp did not have the resources to offer the same prize money as the men’s, she was the first to put her hand-up to assist.  There is only one other Rugby Union competition in Australia where the Women's prize money equals the Mens, and to see women on equal playing fields AND at grassroots level is pretty cool and hopefully is the 'new norm'

Why Spring is the best time to Recruit and Job Hunt

The number of job vacancies in Australia is fairly steady for most of the year but Spring is the best time to look for new work as there is a large gap in activity between employers and job hunters.

Steve the "Comeback Kid".... How old is too old?

You are never too old and never too unfit #RugbyBuildsCharacter.


Merewether Carlton Rugby Club Race Day

5 years of sponsoring Merewether Carlton Rugby Club and this year's Launch Day certainly didn't disappoint #giddyup

Eight Recruitment voted top 20 "Most Engaged Recruitment Agency" in Australia


Say Whaaat !

I know we all love a bit of “Social” here at Eight Recruitment... who would have thought top 20 in Australia though... “Welcome to the NEW-CASTLE” . . .


Newcastle Grammar School "Me, We...Us" Speech Time

Eight Recruitment's Managing Director Nadene Barretto was asked to participate as a speaker and Q&A panel member at Newcastle Grammar School last week with the focus of the conference being, “Me, We…Us” and what an experience it was