How is an agency different to internal recruitment?

Hmm, this is a tricky one. There are a few supportive arguments here and cue the music because we’re about to break em down.

If your in-house recruitment team is finding it difficult to find the right fit, as an agency, Eight can help because we have:

  1. Broad industry knowledge. By working across several industries, agencies like Eight gain a better understanding of the candidate market, the ways their roles work, and what their common motivators are. This combined with our understanding of what your business needs are gives us the upper hand as we are able to recognise the transferable skills candidates have and how they’ll benefit you.
  2. Consultants are purely recruiters. Instead of being HR professionals where a portion of their roles covers recruitment, our consultants are specialised recruiters. As a result of this, they’ve got the recruitment process down pat and won’t be distracted by other HR tasks in your organisation.
  3. The ability to be your company's cheerleader. Having a 3rd party tell people just how amazing your organisation is comes with a different level of validity. And because we're picky about the clients we work with, if we're representing your company you can trust that we're signing your graces. 

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