How is Eight different from the rest?

Ah yes, our favourite question. How much time do you have? Kidding, we’ll keep it short.

Essentially, Eight is not afraid to stand out from the pack. We’re cheeky and we think we’re more funny than we probably actually are.

In addition to our dad jokes, we’ve got years of experience in recruitment but also specialised industry knowledge to back it up. We spend our days soaking up market information like a sponge, and we have the most valuable clients and candidates who we adore being partnered with. We can’t count on all our hands how many placed candidates have turned into clients, and that’s a testament to the relationships we build.

Having a large social following isn’t a coincidence either. We’ve worked hard in building our profiles and we now reap the rewards of the reach we curated. Particularly as social recruitment is an increasing trend, the lead we have over competitors in terms of social followers just gives us another advantage.

We’re not done yet.

We’d also like to note that our Recruitment Consultants are Recruitment Consultants. Unlike many other recruitment agencies, our consultants are not required to complete Business Development initiatives. And, therefore, our staff are purely focused on filling your roles and aren’t out in the field trying to sell. That’s left up to Nadene.

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