What can I do to put forward the best application?

Chat to one of our consultants to ensure you align with the role's responsibilities. Once you’ve done that, they just might even help you with your resume too.

Our consultants are the best in the biz and if reading applications was an Olympic sport, we’d win gold for sure. If you need some help navigating how to get the best start in the race, give the office a bell.

Other tips to ensure you’re making the best application are:

  • Submit an up-to-date resume. And make sure it’s the right file. Especially if you’ve got “attention to detail” on your resume.
  • Do some research on the hiring company, and curate a cover letter suited to the role
  • Use the contact details at the bottom of the ad. Going the extra mile to make contact with the recruiter will help strengthen your relationship. And having your recruiter on your side from day dot will certainly help.
  • Be responsive. Ensure you reply to every form of communication you can

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