Oh, what a wonderful world … of counteroffers


I see hours that are free, and more money too 

I see them soon, not for me but for you

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

*Cue counteroffer*

Throughout the journey over the rainbow into a new and exciting role, the chance that your current employer will place a big pot of gold under your nose at the very end is more likely than not.

And for that reason, we’ve added ‘Professional hand holder’ to our recruiter’s job descriptions as they provide guidance and consultation to our candidates along the entire process. 

Providing 4 check points within the offer process alone, we take candidate care seriously. For most, taking the next leap through the clouds into a new role is huge and is something that we understand. 

It’s time to think about …

What were the reasons that made you open to a new opportunity? And do they still apply?

Are you prepared for to receive an offer of new terms? Will they make those reasons go away? 

Do I trust that the promised improvements will be delivered? Is there a reason I wasn’t offered them before?

And so, is it really a wonderful world?

It can be! For all parties involved, achieving an outcome where everyone benefits is the goal. Just remember to be true to yourself (cringe), remember what got you to this point in the first place and then trust your gut.