Why Spring is the best time to Recruit and Job Hunt

The number of job vacancies in Australia is fairly steady for most of the year but Spring is the best time to look for new work as there is a large gap in activity between employers and job hunters.

Merewether Carlton Rugby Club Race Day

5 years of sponsoring Merewether Carlton Rugby Club and this year's Launch Day certainly didn't disappoint #giddyup

Steve the "Comeback Kid".... How old is too old?

You are never too old and never too unfit #RugbyBuildsCharacter.


Eight Recruitment voted top 20 "Most Engaged Recruitment Agency" in Australia


Say Whaaat !

I know we all love a bit of “Social” here at Eight Recruitment... who would have thought top 20 in Australia though... “Welcome to the NEW-CASTLE” . . .


Newcastle Grammar School "Me, We...Us" Speech Time

Eight Recruitment's Managing Director Nadene Barretto was asked to participate as a speaker and Q&A panel member at Newcastle Grammar School last week with the focus of the conference being, “Me, We…Us” and what an experience it was

How the Eight brand came to life...


Thanks to the team at “Headjam” for giving us a cool behind the scenes insight to how the Eight brand came to be !



Newcastle Dreams Big

What a weekend! Eight Recruitment were lucky to be front and centre during an excellent example of Newcastle’s sporting, education and business communities coming together for a night of nights! 

Transitioning to Commercial Accountant


Making the decision to move from chartered to the commercial world can be daunting and unfamiliar. 


Eight Recruitment Christmas and Website Launch Party

Christmas Party & Brand Launch Celebration