We are very passionate about preparing today’s youth for tomorrow’s job market and being invited to Newcastle Grammar School to spread our good cheer and adulting knowledge for finding a first job was something pretty special!

PLAN, ACTION, HIRE was our focus which basically meant we taught the kids to research, network, write a resume and practiced a few interview skills.

We also scared them off social media… you’re welcome.


  • The Job Hunt
  • Your Resume
  • Social Media Clean Up
  • The Interview


The day uncovered some curly moments including; highlighting our lack of power point skills; finding out Nikki was a Scuba Instructor; seeing kids do one armed push-ups (making us all go to the gym that night) and soaking up gorgeous views of our Newcastle Beach! And of course, the highlight of the day for the students was the bell ringing (and a few free scrum tips from Steve)!



Thanks for having us NGS and a big thank you to our team for battling their nerves in front of the students

Please get in touch if you would like a copy of our presentation.