This year Eight Recruitment will be offering the same financial support for the women's division in the 2021 Mick Whale Curry Cup 7s which will be held on the 12 and 13 February at St John Oval in Charlestown.

“Whilst last year posed many challenges for local businesses, I had no hesitations of sponsoring the women’s comp again to ensure these talented female athletes were paid equal prize money to the men. As a woman in business, it is my responsibility to ensure that initiatives like this are able to continue and that pathways for women in sport are recognised and valued within our community,” Nadene said.
This year has already proven to be the year of women in rugby with the Hamilton Hawks announcing their 12th president and first-ever female president, Lesa Mason.


Lesa has been part of the Hamilton Hawks community for 21 years when her husband Gerry began playing for the club and is a pinnacle figure in Newcastle and Hunter Rugby Union’s (NHRU) history, being the first-ever female president.
The team at Eight Recruitment is driven by powerhouse women who understand the vital role businesses play in supporting the sporting community to provide better pathways into professional sport.
“To see that there is a genuine career path for women in rugby is so exciting and with Lesa as the new Hamilton Hawks president, the opportunities are endless. Eight Recruitment will continue to support women in sport because it is important for young women to know that there is
parity not only in prize money but career opportunities, whether that is in sport or other industries,” Nadene said.