The number of job vacancies in Australia is fairly steady for most of the year but Spring is the best time to look for new work as there is a large gap in activity between employers and job hunters.

In Spring, job postings are at their highest — meaning there are plenty of opportunities for work – and competition for work is at one of its lowest points for the year.

Analysis by global jobs site Indeed shows there are certain times of the year where you’re more likely to be successful in finding a job with Spring being the best time to look

For both employers and job hunters, taking advantage of these critical times in the year can give you the best possible chance in finding your best match.

January is a very popular time for job hunters coming back to work with their New Year’s Resolution to find a new job, but January is the slowest month for job postings, meaning competition among job seekers is high

Unfortunately everyone else has the same idea while employers are least likely to post their jobs early in the new year in the mistaken belief that everyone is on holidays.

We have picked up a load of new jobs in the last 2 weeks, why not stand out stand out from the crowd and start your job search now or if you are an employer thinking of hiring in the new year, do it now!