Talk about being busy! 

With community being Nadene and Steve’s middle name, it’s no secret that they’re at the center of many communities throughout Newcastle, with the Grammar School being no exception. 

Starting with the Breakfast for Wellbeing, the Eight Banner was flown high by Nads and Steve as they soaked in all the tips and tricks to go from Functioning to Flourishing in the Workplace. 

However, the view at Noah’s wasn’t the only thing taking our breath away as they learnt that employee disengagement in Australia comes at an annual productivity cost of $39 Billion. Yes, you read that right. 

Thank you to Marnie Thomas and Dr Alan Parsons who shed some light on the positive education approach NGS is encouraging as they recognise the beneficial impacts it can have on business and homes. 

Next on the menu was Nads, Steve and Kate sharing some wisdom to the Year 10 Students as they prepared for their entrance to the big and scary workforce. 

Monday was spent helping the students get ready for the following three days of work experience by going through what to expect and how to make the most out of the time. From Vets, Doctors, Artists, Carpenters and Fitters, the students dipped their toes into a broad range of industries and Stevie might’ve only been a tiny bit jealous. 

Friday involved a bit more fun, with the team going through with each student how to build a cracker resume that would land them their first jobs, and what to do to show some appreciation to your host employer. 

The kids came back with some interesting stories and we’re not sure who learned more!