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Eight’s specialisation is recruitment. Funny that.

And ever since 2011 when Eight was born in a living room in Adamstown, that is what it has been doing. Well, that, and buying ridiculous furniture for our office now in Hamilton.

Unlike other recruitment agencies that specialise in specific sectors, Eight Recruitment isn’t a one-trick horse. We recruit for multiple roles across multiple different industries, and even if we haven’t done it before, you betcha we’ll give it a go.

Because we aren’t specialists, we don’t have a forte. We work across most industries you can think of and if you’re looking for talent in the areas below, we can help you.

  • Mining
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Human Resources & Safety
  • Customer Service & Sales
  • Business Support
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Environmental

With a team of consultants that recruit for you day in and day out, we’ve refined our recruitment process. We know what it takes to deliver the best results and if there’s someone in the recruitment market, we know what makes them tick.

What we do to help you

As Recruitment Consultants, our staff are able to provide you with specialised market knowledge and guidance as you seek a new team member. From initial thoughts to the placement, they’re there to hold your hand the entire way.

Identifying needs

So, you’ve realised you need to add another team member to your business but aren’t sure of what you’re exactly after? This is where Eight will come in.

If you need assistance identifying the gaps in your team, we can help. Regardless of the role or industry, you’re working in, we spend our days analysing team structures and the roles people play within them, so we’re confident at this.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process can vary as a result of several contributing factors. But the 4 base ingredients are the same. Advertising, searching, interviewing, and offers. But don’t forget the additional pre-interviewing phone screening, approaching the passive market, reference checks, and medicals if need be.

Because Eight works exclusively with clients we can’t give away all our secrets about our process but if you get in touch, we might just share them. After all, who said monogamy was boring, right?

Placement and Candidate care

Once we’ve found your match, we don’t stop there. Eight prides itself on building relationships but more importantly, we know that we also need to maintain them. That’s why we have a candidate care system. It benefits you but also us.

We're recruiters. We love to chat.

We're recruiters. We love to chat.

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