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Losing motivation to apply to new roles after being pipped to the post recently?

Or would you like to test the market before you start actively applying and putting yourself out there?

We got you.

But lean in close because this isn’t something we usually yell out.

Not every job is advertised. Well at least at Eight it isn’t. This is because we have a database full of quality candidates that we search before we need to.

If you get in contact with one of our consultants and chat with them about what you’re looking for, they can search our database and see if there is a role suited to you that the public doesn’t know about yet.

And because we also have great relationships with our clients, we’re happy to provide them with candidates before they realise they need them. We like to think of this like we’re playing the reverse card in uno as we take candidates to the clients before they’ve put their own cards on the table.

If you think you're a high-quality candidate that would like the potential to get a leg up, email us for a chat.

We want to hear from you

We want to hear from you

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