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Georgi Chard

Head of Recruitment

Email me0421 845 383

Adaptable, clever, and quick-witted. That’s our Gemini, Queen Georgi. As our Queen of recruitment, Georgi is great at ruling over the land that is the recruitment industry. In every aspect, she’s great at providing a consultive approach and takes her role of listening to and understanding people very seriously. The Eight office is a busy hive and Georgi has certainly earnt her crown as she looks after the entire team and ensures all processes are running smoothly and efficiently. A true Queen Bee. 

Having worked in recruitment for the past 10 years, including being a National Recruitment Lead, this isn’t Georgi’s first time around the recruitment block. Or globe for that fact. Having worked as a recruiter in Germany, Georgi can recruit in 2 languages. This is handy because there isn’t much she can’t make sense of, and sometimes the lunch table talks that much gibberish we need someone to make sense of it all.

Georgi is great at helping you understand what your next move could be, in English or German. Give Georgi a call if you need someone to help you understand your next move. Or tips on how to juggle.

We're recruiters. We love to chat.

We're recruiters. We love to chat.

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