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Nadene Barretto

Managing Director

Email me0432 124 418

If there ever was an autobiography called “You heard her before you saw her”, Nadene would be the main character. But this version would star Nadene’s iconic and contagious laugh that echoes down the halls of her 4th baby, Eight.  

As a sucker for a jar of pickles, a Chardy, and something sweet, there’s not much this powerhouse can’t do.  

Being in the recruitment game since 2000, Nadene, with Steve by her side driving the front line, has built Eight to what it’s known for. For these two, turning the industry topsy-turvy is the goal, and attracting equally quirky but talented employees is the conversion.  

When starting Eight in 2011, Nadene had the goal to create a recruitment agency that stands out from the rest, to bring value and transparency, and fun. With years of experience and the knowledge to back it up, Eight was then born into Newcastle’s competitive recruitment market.  

Although we don’t have colourful jerseys, Nadene has wanted to showcase Eight’s bold brand from the start. This is seen across our socials and especially within our office. If you’d like to visit and chat about all things recruitment or talent acquisition, give Nadene a call.  

We're recruiters. We love to chat.

We're recruiters. We love to chat.

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